Here at Shiloh we place great emphasis on both our community work and our youth work - among other areas. This has seen a dedicated team really invest in these two areas over the past couple of years. We absolutely LOVE working with young people and helping them navigate life in a fast changing world! Below are a list of a few of the ways in which we want to help, serve and journey with YOU.

We have a brand new Youth Team email that we all keep an eye on, so drop us an email if you want to find out more or have any questions at all!

We hope to see you join in with one of our activities soon!

Please see downloadable info sheet at the bottom for dates.

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School’s back which means Sundae Thursday will be following closely behind!

Every Thursday - 4-5:30pm - starting 26 September 2019

What else is on…?

Sunday Night After Church [School years 7-13]
This social gathering takes place after 'The Gathering' and runs till 9:30pm with food, games and a chance for young people to hang out and enjoy each others company. 

After Church dates for June & July 2019:

September 15th

September 29th

October 13th

October 27th

Lyfe Housegroup [School years 9-13]
This teaching group meets in The Hive on a Monday evening from 6pm to 7:30pm and is a dynamic teaching and spiritual exploration session with plenty of snacks and occasional guest speakers.

The Zone [School years 7&8]
Every Sunday we take time out of the main Sunday service to hang out in the youth room and play games, chat about how our week has been, and look at a few hot topics in the world of teenagers. It’s relaxed, fun, and usually full of snacks.


Other activities 

Sundae Thursday [School years 7-13] [School term time only]
Every Thursday, straight from school, we meet up at the Hive to hang out, chat about our day and week so far and do very little else. It wouldn't be a real youth meet up if there was no food involved and so we've focussed the entire session on food! This new activity is 100% guaranteed to have dessert. What more could you want on a Thursday afternoon? Come along and check it out!

***Starts again September 26th***

Community Youth Club [ages vary depending on activities involved]
Our community Youth Clubs currently run during the school holidays where we offer a whole range of activities all based at Shiloh, making use of the massive field at the end of the car park! Volleyball, dodgeball, football, badminton, soap hockey, water fights and so much more! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the next opportunity to join in!

Lyfe Socials [School years 7-13]
We love giving you all a space to hang out and grow friendships that hopefully last a lifetime - and if we're honest, we love hanging out with you too! So, it's really important to us to arrange a load of fun social gatherings for all age groups. These can be meals out, sleepovers in the Hive, movie nights, treasure hunts and a whole load of other things. Keep an eye on our facebook page and make sure you join in next


Guys Nights [School years 7-13]
They’re exactly what they say they are. Usually involving pizza, FIFA, a movie, could be a kick about on the field. Who knows? Keep an eye out online as these crop up once or twice a term.

Girls Nights [School years 7-13]
Exactly the same as the guys nights, just without any of the guys and maybe a change of activities as well. Can you guess that a guy wrote this…? Again, these are once or twice a term.

Lyfe Travels [ages vary depending on activities involved]
We see great importance in spending time together and so we are always looking at off-island adventures. This usually takes us to places like the Soul Survivor festivals, but there are plenty of other ideas in the pipeline! Watch this space.

And the rest...
We're generally a creative bunch and so we like to throw in the occasional extra activity or event. In the last couple of years this has taken us on sailing trips to Herm, on kayaking sessions around areas of Guernsey's coast and camping trips locally.

Thats a lot of information, don't worry though! 
We've put all the above information in a handy printable for you to stick on the fridge. 

Please contact the Youth Team or Adam Langlois (Youth Co-Ordinator) for further information

We love preparing and running all of the above activities, but in order for young people to participate we do need consent from a responsible adult. Please find attached a copy of our consent form which you can print out, complete and return.