In January 2016 our youth programme underwent a complete restructure, which saw the reintroduction of regular teaching sessions, focus sessions and the restart of the youth favourite after church get togethers. Over the various sessions we aim to inspire, empower and release our young people while having fun all at the same time, growing together on our journey of faith. 

The Lyfe Youth programme runs on a fortnightly rotation of gatherings and teaching for school years 9-13: 

Sunday Night After Church
This social gathering takes place after 'The Gathering' and runs till 9:30pm with food, games and a chance for young people to hang out and enjoy each others company. 

Lyfe Housegroup
This teaching group meets in The Hive on a Monday evening from 7:00pm to 8:30pm and is a dynamic teaching and spiritual exploration session with snacks and guest speakers.

Other activities 

Sixth Form Supper
Members of our youth team host a regular Sixth Form Supper in their home for members of our church who are attending Sixth Form or Further Education college. It's a great mix of teaching and food. 

Please contact Adam Langlois (Youth Co-Ordinator) for further information