"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation" [Jesus Christ].

It's impossible to be aware of the extent of global poverty and oppression and do nothing about it. We believe that supporting overseas partners in prayer and finance is important, as well as sending individuals and teams on mission.

We have close connections to Nicaragua via the Peace & Hope Charitable Trust. Teams from Guernsey regularly visit this impoverished country and help with feeding programmes, building safe-houses for abandoned children, building infrastructure, teaching life skills, supporting an organic farm, healthcare and other agriculture projects.

We also support BMS World Mission and look for opportunities to send church teams on short term missions and individuals on long term mission.

We have groups at Shiloh who keenly support missionaries in Israel, the work of Tearfund, Leprosy Mission and a Guernsey based charity working in Tanzania called Tumaini.