Guernsey House of Prayer

Prayer changes things and alters the course of human history.

Prayer is something that is not automatic and is something that is learnt over time, but also by diving in and simply praying.

It's been argued that 10,000 hours is the length of time it takes to gain world-class competence at any skill. What would it be like if Christians in Guernsey committed themselves to pray unceasingly for 10,000 hours as an act of seemingly extravagant waste? It could be viewed as an experiment……

  • What would happen to individuals and communities of faith as they engaged in the enterprise of unceasing prayer?
  • Would people sense that God had answered their prayers for different situations and circumstances?
  • Would people encounter in a new way the presence of God?
  • Would such an experiment do any harm?

The Guernsey House of Prayer, located in the Fellowship Rooms at St Peter's Church, has been established as part of the 24/7 Prayer Network to undertake this 'experiment' and to provide a safe and dedicated space for individuals and small groups to come aside and pray. 

The prayer room can be booked out for one person, for two people or for a group of people (most sessions are private but there will be open sessions where people can just turn up).  To book a time slot in the prayer room please click here.

If you would like further information about the Guernsey House of Prayer please contact Adrian or Myfanwy Datta.

Song for the Six - "Not By Might"

Not By Might (Ben Cantelon)
Taken from Ben Cantelon's new album, The Ascent, this month's new song is Not By Might. Quoting directly from the Old Testament prophet Zechariah (Zech 4:6), this song is a reminder that God will build his kingdom primarily through his enabling Spirit, not by our earthly efforts. So, despite the struggles that we face, we can look to God; in fact, that's his plan. In Ben's own words: "When we are in those hard times, it's so important to get close to Him and to pursue His presence." A powerful song to encourage us when we feel powerless, we'll be introducing it in December & January.

Words from Simon Hodgett

Song for the Six - "River"

River (Sam Archer)
There's a lot to be said for a local church writing songs for the local church and "River" is the first song from Sam Archer, a worship leader from Arun Community Church, Sussex. Described as "a modern hymn of sorts", River is an up tempo song full of hope and joy: not only do we see the river of life which brings freedom from fear and the past but this river is available to each one of us through Jesus. As we introduce this song in November across all the services, we pray that you will experience the joy and liberty that this song talks about!

The song is available from iTunes

Words from Simon Hodgett

Song for the Six - "Never Gonna Stop Singing"

"Never Gonna Stop Singing" (Jesus Culture/Tom Smith)
A favourite at this year's Soul Survivor festivals, Never Gonna Stop Singing was co-written by Tom Smith, one of their worship leaders. It's a real statement of intent, describing how we want to worship God with our hearts & voices... and why we want to do that in the first place: God, through Jesus, reached out into darkness to set us free and bring us into the light of life! This song features on Jesus Culture's latest album "Let It Echo" which is well worth exploring too as it includes some great songs to help us go deeper with God (which might make an appearance in the New Year). Hopefully, "Never Gonna Stop Singing" will reflect our worship this month!

Words from Simon Hodgett