Chrissy Salmon

Community Evangelist

having worked and trained with Oasis, Chrissy is a creative and passionate leader. Chrissy is also keen to work together with other local churches to ensure we are maximising our impact across the island. In addition to heading up our community projects, Chrissy regularly leads our creative church on Sunday evenings.


Ministries co-ordinator

 is a Regionally Recognised Leader with the Southern Counties Baptist Association and is an elder. She has recently completed a Kingdom Theology Graduate Diploma, accredited by the University of Chester. Jane is actively involved in all aspects of the life of the church - preaching, teaching, leading relationship courses and much more. She is married to Andrew (see below) and they have two children - Josh and Naomi.


Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator

having heard God's call to leave a senior job in IT with a major investment bank. Andrew has a particular passion to serve our seniors, the sick, lonely and hurting. Andrew is also a mentor with the Caring for Ex-Offender's programme.


Youth Co-Ordinator

taking up the role in January 2016 after a successful five years working in the finance industry, Adam brings with him a wealth of experience with young people through sports coaching positions and voluntary work within local schools. He has a passion for helping people achieve their maximum potential and is frequently heard emphasising how important young people are in the now, in the present, today, not just in the future.